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In essence

Alumier, from the word illuminate.
/r/ -

1. To make clear or bright
2. To enlighten or share knowledge

who we are

AlumierMD is ranked one of the fastest-growing, professionally-dispensed skincare brands, with a growing global network of partner clinics. Our mission is to empower you to feel confident and powerful in your own skin. We achieve this by pushing the boundaries of skincare science and combining clinically proven ingredients with advanced technologies that deliver transformative results. Our goal is to connect you to our global community of trusted skincare professionals and unlock your skin's potential with a 360° approach to skin health.

Our Story

AlumierMD was launched in 2016 to pioneer clean, medical-grade skincare products. Driven by a team of skin care enthusiasts, scientists, physicians, and specialists with over 100 years of combined industry experience, it continues to thrive. Our brand was created to address an unmet need: providing medical-grade skincare in the cleanest formulas scientifically available to meet the growing demand for clean, science-driven products and sustainability. Over six years, AlumierMD developed a patented technology to prevent diversion, ensuring products are always authentic and, importantly, exclusively dispensed by qualified professionals. Today, AlumierMD is one of the fastest-growing professionally dispensed skincare brands, with a network of over 4,500 clinics worldwide.


AlumierMD was founded on three core values that inform every aspect of our international brand: Corrective, Committed, and Clean.

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We launched in Canada and the UK

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The brand’s success prompts a launch in the Republic of Ireland

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AlumierMD launches in the USA

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AlumierMD launches in Germany and Finland

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AlumierMD launches in Switzerland and Lithuania

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AlumierMD’s award-winning formulas launch in New Zealand, Italy, Spain, Latvia, and Malta

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AlumierMD launches in Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Poland