Two Skincare Realities

Two Skincare Realities

We kicked off 2024 with two blogs about skincare strategy - first why you need a strategy and secondly, how to create one. Today, we’re going a step further and showing you two outcomes based on YOUR choices – one following a strategy, one not. Remember the film Sliding Doors? Where we follow heroine Helen through two different storylines based on a chance moment that sees her catch/not catch a tube train?! Well, this is your Sliding Doors skincare moment, grab the popcorn . . .

Two Realities

Let’s set the scene. You call your clinic up and book in for a laser treatment in the next two months. Excellent start to your skincare year! And here’s the sliding doors moment …

Your Pro makes some suggestions:

“Let’s maximise your laser appointment with a pre-treatment skincare strategy and get your skin into peak performance ahead of your procedure. That way, I might be able to do a longer, more intensive treatment. I could also bolt on a light chemical peel and fast-track your results even further. Shall I add your pre- and post-treatment skincare to your AlumierMD Prescription Pad today?

Sliding Doors Moment!

Reality one, you say:

Yes please, that sounds great!

Reality two, you say:

No thanks, I’d just like the laser treatment.

Reality One

You now have a robust skincare strategy in place and have put your skincare trial-and-error habit in the bin. You’re on track for the best possible outcome in the shortest possible period. In the weeks before you hit the clinic, you use our Prep and Enhance Kit, which includes EverActive C&E® + Peptide, proven to reduce wrinkle depth, skin tautness and even skin tone (and that’s just one product!). It also contains a medical-grade sunscreen to stop UV damage and allow proper skin performance in the lead-up to your treatment, a pretty punchy encapsulated retinol for ultimate skin fitness and a targeted serum to kick-start your goals.

In just 28 days you’ll see similar results to the volunteers in our study – a 73% reduction in brown spots, reduced appearance of lines, up to 45% improvement in radiance and, like 83% of the volunteers, you will feel your skin is more resilient – it’s up for anything and you’re READY for your laser treatment to hit a little deeper and a little longer. An intensive at-home course of Aqua Infusion Mask three times in the week before your appointment (because you know lasers love hydration) and you’re arriving at this marathon start line trained, prepped and ready to smash it.

You walk into the clinic and your pro smiles because she knows she doesn’t have to hold back now; she can have some fun and you’ll get the best bang for your buck. LET’S GO!

Reality Two

You put down the phone and carry on with your life. You cleanse, you moisturise, maybe forget daily sunscreen once or twice (but it’s winter anyway) and go to bed before removing makeup a couple of times a week – what’s the harm!?! You arrive for your appointment. Your skin is OK, not great, but that’s alright... Your pro can take it easy with an entry-level treatment.

Same Appointment, Different Treatments

Reality One

If your barrier is strong, your skin is well hydrated and you have high resilience/low inflammation, not only is there every chance you can have a longer, more invasive treatment, but you may be able to have a light chemical peel in that same treatment to enhance results and create a shortcut to your skin goals.

So, your dedication to a strategy and robust skincare routine in the weeks before means you’re likely to enjoy better, quicker results that last much longer and you’ve protected the investment you’ve made in that initial laser treatment.

Reality Two

Arriving at the clinic with a compromised skin barrier and dehydrated skin ties the hands of your Pro. The laser treatment is attracted to water in the skin, so it’s not going to work as effectively on her dehydrated skin. Perhaps your skin goes pink when your Pro simply touches it – sensitivity is high. The treatment has to be cut short, and minimally invasive, and there are no bolt-ons to enhance outcomes. You pay roughly the same, but the treatment won’t reach the same potential or give the most effective results.

And Afterwards?

Reality One

Your preparation and skin in peak performance means your downtime may be shorter. Being scrupulous with your Post Procedure Kit for 5- 7 days and following with an at-home treatment with Enzymatic Peel and deeply hydrating Aqua Infusion Mask (your skin can take it) knocks off the last bit of dead skin and reinfuses your skin. Then you return to Prep and Enhance to keep up the good work until your next treatment appointment (which you’ve already booked).

Reality Two

You leave the treatment, and your skin is a bit sensitive and red. It takes up to two weeks to recover and then your skin looks good, the results are fine. When the two weeks are up, you return to more active ingredients, no drama, but no earth-shaking changes either.

The power to achieve the results your skin deserves in is YOUR hands. You can tag team with your Pro to drive the outcomes they can’t achieve alone. The question is, are you going to choose reality one? Or Two?

Make an appointment with your skin pro today and start your skin strategy

Just so you know - This blog highlights the possible outcomes of a skincare strategy. Everyone’s skin is different, and your results and recovery time will depend on your skin quality, type, condition and skincare history. Your Pro will be able to offer hyper-customised advice and expected results.

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