Self-Investment Through Skincare

Self-Investment Through Skincare

In the last few years, we’ve all become more aware of our wellbeing; gyms are booming, while nightclubs are closing at their fastest ever rate. Supplements and activewear are having a (long) moment and following our wellness edit last year, we’re seeing more and more conversations about wellbeing and the importance of healthy lifestyles. Wellness is not just a trend, it’s a dedication to looking and feeling good and our skin is a crucial piece of our overall wellness picture on several different levels. Our skin health is deeply linked to our emotional and social wellbeing. There is even a specialist area of dermatology known as psychodermatology which addresses the skin and mind together. Today, we’re talking about skin within the wider context of wellness and we’re dispelling the myth (and it really is a myth) that investing in your aesthetic esteem is simply a vanity.

Unfortunately. none of us can simply look down and check if our lungs or liver are looking healthy, but if we could, we would! Your skin, don’t forget, is your largest and most visible organ, and an excellent health indicator. When your body is full of energy, well hydrated and nourished with good food, your skin will reflect that. Conversely, if your wellbeing is in a poor position – the condition of your skin will be a tell-tale sign. Taking care of your skin is a worthwhile inside and out job, and to make sure this message sinks in as well as our serums (couldn’t help it), we’ve got 5 big reasons why it’s important to invest time, money, and energy into your skin:

  1. The Skin is a Crucial Organ

Your skin has lots of jobs, but its primary purpose is to keep nasties out of the body and keep all the good stuff sealed in. Yes, your skin is like a protective coat, if it gets damaged then the body can experience lasting issues as free-radicals, pollutants and environmental stressors can find their way in and cause visible damage. Ensuring your skin is functioning effectively is an important part of self-care.

  1. It Can Build Your Confidence

Your skin is not your identity, and your worth is not defined by number of pimples, evenness of skin tone or any other skin related measure. Remember Molly from our previous blog post? After getting her stress-induced breakouts under control, she had this to say, I recognise how much happier I am now. I didn’t realise how upset I was about my skin, but I feel so much more confident in myself, going out with friends and having photos taken. I feel a lot better. Feeling good in your skin is a part of your wellness, as integral to your health and happiness as every other part of the jigsaw of your personal wellbeing. And when you don’t have to think about your skin, because it’s in great shape, you can focus more on what matters most to you.

  1. Lower Stress

Strongly linked to confidence, skin that’s uncomfortable, irritated, red, or simply not in the condition you want it to be, can make you feel stressed. Sadly, stress is one of the root causes of some skin conditions, (it’s a vicious circle) and can have a detrimental effect on every area of your life. Investing wisely in your skincare and treatments, setting skin goals, and seeing them through can help you to move out of skin stress and into a place where you feel settled and in control of your skin.

  1. Longevity

Looking after your body and mind may contribute to living a long, happy, fruitful, and healthy life. As we know, your skin can be linked to your emotional wellbeing and mental health, not to mention the fact that your skin is a vital organ – investing in skin wellbeing is not just about aesthetics. Plus, taking time out every morning and evening to do your skin routine can be a great way to focus the mind and get you ready to go grab the day or wind down before bed.

  1. Aesthetic Treatments Unlocked

Look good, feel good, live a great life! We love the ever-evolving science behind modern day aesthetics treatments and our skincare supports in-clinic treatments perfectly with pre-treatment formulas that optimise, not compromise your results. Our at-home post-treatment recovery care and the at-home treatments you can do between clinic visits will ensure you hop and skip toward your end goals much quicker.

Keeping the skin healthy means that it’s going to do a better job at protecting you from the environment and be less likely to develop disease. Invest in skincare that is worth putting on and into your body. Focus on your defensive, protective skincare to keep your skin barrier functioning as efficiently as possible for stronger skin. Our EverActive C&E™ + Peptide is an award-winning, high-strength vitamin C and vitamin E serum that works to neutralise damaging free radicals, while strengthening and brightening skin with a clinically validated polypeptide. Sunscreen is a key element in protective skincare and our broad spectrum, 100% physical formulas will protect against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

We love wellness, it’s not a trend but a lifestyle and our message is loud and clear: give your skincare routine the dedication your skin deserves and nurture your body for the best chance of a long, healthy, and happy life.

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