Power Up With Regenerative Ingredients

Power Up With Regenerative Ingredients

If you’ve got your finger on the aesthetic skincare pulse, you’ll have seen some new phrases on the block: ‘regenerative medicine’, ‘proactively preventing’, and ‘polynucleotide treatment’. But what does all this mean for you and your skin? How does regenerative aesthetic medicine work? What do polynucleotides do and how is this connected with medical grade skincare? Hold tight for a speedy ride through everything you need to know! We’ve been banging the wellness = skin CARE drum for a while and now the industry is taking another leap forward in this direction. Moving away from invasive, corrective procedures, skin professionals are now focusing on longevity with regeneration, preventative treatments for collagen banking and mindful aesthetics at the heart of every interaction. Why? MUCH better outcomes. Our skincare was founded on the very principles of regenerative medicine. With regenerative ingredients like peptides, vitamins and minerals that work with your skin for longevity, our hybrid formulas complement the new wave of treatments like polynucleotides perfectly. Let’s explore.

What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Medical aesthetic doctors are now blending their training as healthcare professionals with their medical aesthetic businesses to work with “regenerative medicine, an interdisciplinary field that applies engineering and life science principles to promote regeneration.”** Consultations often now include questions like - how are you sleeping? What's your water intake like? Plus, wellness itself has become mainstream. From podcasts about longevity, to booming gym memberships and the stories from Silicon Valley* about execs protecting DNA and telomeres, the beauty industry has moved towards procedures, ingredients and technology that help your health on a bio-cellular level.

What do polynucleotides do?

In short, polynucleotides are an injectable bio-stimulator derived from salmon DNA, they help to promote deep skin renewal and encourage collagen and elastin which ultimately reduces the appearance of ageing. It’s a new type of treatment, unlike a traditional filler that artificially plumps, polynucleotide treatments help your skin to do the hard work of age repair from deep down.

Power Up Those Peptides

In a similar way to polynucleotide treatments, natural peptides in our skin act as cellular messengers, stimulating skin renewal. Peptides used in skincare at the right concentration can, like polynucleotides, reduce the appearance of ageing skin and safeguard your youthful complexion for years to come.

You’ll find them throughout our range as the founder of cosmetic peptides – Dr Karl Linter - is also the director of our scientific committee. Matrixyl™ Synthe™ 6 is one of our most powerful ingredients – a tripeptide and a key player in the fight against premature skin ageing. Present in our multi-award-winning top seller, Ultimate Boost Serum. (it’s our No1 bestselling serum year after year because it hydrates, nourishes, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles). It’s also a feature of our famed Vitamin C serum, EverActive C&E™ + Peptide – this superstar keeps the Vitamin C crystals powerfully active with an ingenious lid that holds them separate from the peptide-rich serum until you’re ready to use.

AlumierMD products have always been intelligent, packed with regenerative ingredients and created to work in synergy with your skin. Combined with your own personal skin pro who will advise you on exactly how and when to use the skin regime that’s right for you. Take a leap into the world of regenerative ingredients and meet your pro today. >


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