Masking Up For Halloween

Masking Up For Halloween

Halloween, the season of spooks, dressing up, and masks, is just around the corner. When it comes to skincare, if there’s ever a holiday to embrace the face mask, it has to be Halloween. Are you heading out in full scary makeup? Curling up with a terrifying movie? Either way, make sure you get your skin involved with these easy-to-try hacks for the face masking season…

Hack 1 - Trick? Or treat? Choose wisely for your skin!


If your skin is oily, rough, or dull, trick your skin into an at-home chemical peel by using a fancy dress face mask. Powerful yet skin-kind acids like AHA lactic acid dissolve the bonds that hold dead skin cells attached to the face and body in just 3-5 minutes. In this case, Enzymatic Peel will do the trick (we couldn’t resist). Read more about lactic acid in our blog here.


If your skin needs a little TLC, swap the acid from lactic to hyaluronic to hydrate and smooth. By restoring the skin’s barrier and calming the skin, you’ll frighten off redness and sensitivity. Try Aqua Infusion Mask to keep the scaries away.

The key to successful masking is identifying your skin’s needs and then treating it with the appropriate product. We always recommend teaming up with a skin pro for personalised advice on all aspects of your skin routine, including masking. You can always send your pro a request on our portal, and they can quickly advise you on the mask that will suit your current needs.

Hack 2 - ALWAYS begin with a cleanser

For killer skin after using a face mask, you’ll need to make sure the actives reach the skin. If you apply your mask to unclean skin, dirt, debris, makeup, and SPF will block the mask from doing its good work. Fully cleanse your skin with your usual cleanser before smoothing on your mask of choice.

Hack 3 - Take it all the way!

Unless you’re using a peel-off face mask, you should be taking the formula up to the hairline, extending it out to the ears, and covering the jawline. One application won't make much of a difference, but if you’re masking three times a week, it can lead to a band of untreated skin around the outer face that’s dull, like a permanent foundation line. SCARY!

Hack 4 - Try Multi-Masking

Multi-masking is not just a TikTok trend. It is the art of wearing two or more face masks at once, targeting different areas of the skin. For example, if your forehead, nose, and chin feel clogged and in need of brightening, you’d apply Enzymatic Peel in just these areas. On the other hand, your cheeks might need a dose of hydration, which you can get from Aqua Infusion Mask You can also do them one after the other for the ultimate at-home protocol. Don’t forget to take a Halloween selfie, too…

Hack 5 - Don’t forget SPF

While a mask might make your skin look so great that you want to stay barefaced, we are bound by our love of skin health to remind you of the damaging rays of the sun. Even at the end of October, the UVA and UVB rays are still strong enough to cause lasting damage to your skin that shows up as fine lines, wrinkles, and discolouration. If you’re ramping up your weekly exfoliation routine with regular masking, daily sunscreen is a must.

Our Masks

No horror stories here; these celebrated treatment masks are the ultimate addition to your self-care routine. Your skin pro will advise you on the best mask for you and recommend how often you should use it. Masks can also help boost the results of your in-clinic treatments by getting the skin 'clinic ready' and helping you maintain your practitioner's hard work afterward too. Get masking!

Refining Clay Mask

A clay mask, but not as you know it! Our Refining Clay Mask is made with two different types of beneficial clay: bentonite, a sponge-like clay that absorbs excess oil and helps decrease the appearance of pore size, and kaolin, a colourful clay that doesn’t contain any artificial dyes but works to absorb oil, dirt, and toxins. It also includes our favourite exfoliating AHA - lactic acid (take a deep dive into lactic acid here). Plus, the papain and bromelain enzymes from papaya and pineapple work together to improve skin texture and restore balance to the skin. All this goodness leads to smooth, more even skin and a radiant glow without the oil slick.

Aqua Infusion Mask

When the air gets cooler and the central heating goes on, the vast differences in temperature can unsettle skin. Plenty of people, regardless their skin type – sorry oily/combination skin people, we’re talking to you as well – can see symptoms of dehydrated skin. We mean dullness, a lack of plumpness, and even some flaking or a tight feeling. Our oil-free Aqua Infusion Mask has got to be the best solve! Packed with low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and natural moisturizing factors, this product quickly quenches thirsty skin and enhances the skin’s barrier function. This helps strengthen the skin and prevents it from getting further damaged when the (even) colder weather hits.

Enzymatic Peel

Also known as the pre-party essential among skin obsessives in the KNOW, this exfoliating treatment leaves the skin smooth, glowing, and radiant. The unique formula combines 10% lactic acid with enzymes – which are like little Pac-Mans that whirr across the skin munching up pollution, cellular debris, and all sorts of surface ‘dust’. Our fave acid works to dissolve the Velcro-like bonds between dead cells on the surface of the skin. So, it’s a powerful treatment mask that slays dull skin and minimises the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and discolouration.

Now, we’re creeping it real (sorry), with the best advice you’ll hear today. Get in touch with your skin pro and get your killer Halloween mask sorted.

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