In-Clinic Treatments - Results On Repeat

In-Clinic Treatments - Results On Repeat

Let’s get into a maintain and gain mindset! You’ve walked out of the clinic door after a successful treatment. You can A, do absolutely nothing and have great skin for a few weeks before it returns to normal. B, follow a few skin tips and stick with your basic routine to keep the great skin around for a while longer. C, follow all our advice to keep on improving those results for skin gains which means the next time you go for a treatment you get EVEN BETTER results. If you want to keep reaching for those cumulative skin wins, choose C and follow our top 5 tips right here:

  1. The Post Procedure Pack

If you’ve challenged your skin to an in-clinic treatment, then you want it to be a good investment that means a long-term gain in the skin stakes. For the best possible outcome, it’s key to take the aftercare seriously, which is why you need THE kit. It contains SensiCalm, Recovery Balm and Sheer Hydration Broad Spectrum SPF 40 AKA every single molecule that your skin needs in the hours and days following treatment. We’re talking comforting ceramides, soothing ingredients, antioxidants, and SPF protection. Plus, these all-important formulas help to target discoloration, so that the risk of post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation is lessened.

  1. Lifestyle

In the 7 to 10 days right after your treatment do nothing that will cause additional stress to the skin as it is already working so hard for your gains. For 24 hours after your treatment, that means no gym, no swim, no saunas – put your energy into positive things – wearing and reapplying your sunscreen so you don’t damage vulnerable skin. In the days and week after, drink loads of water to help every system in your body work efficiently, especially as the blood and oxygen will be working overtime to help heal. Prioritise sleep and rest because it will help the body deploy resources to do the regenerative work you’ve asked of it by putting it through a laser/microneedling/fractional radio frequency treatment. This regeneration is still happening weeks after treatment, not just days, so it’s important to keep this commitment to yourself going.

  1. Be Consistent

Being consistent with your skincare routine and implementing the advice from your pro will help you to get the best out of the time and money you spend on your skin. Yep, as you move away from the Post Procedure Kit and back to your active ingredients, your skin will thank you (with glow) if it can rely on constant support. Take your twice-daily cleanse seriously, don’t skip daily antioxidants or anti-pollutants and always, always wear sunscreen so you don’t let environmental factors un-do all the good work that was kicked off in-clinic.

  1. At Home Peels

This is where you use the results from your in-clinic treatment as a launchpad to even better results, it’s where at-home masking comes into its own! Around ten days after a chemical peel (or following some laser treatments) use our Enzymatic Peel at home. If you do have a bit of dry, peeling, flaky skin still left hanging around, this incredibly active peel will nudge that all off. Then you can use it 1-3 times a week as an at-home chemical peel procedure to keep the exfoliating action going and the cell turnover of your skin ticking over at a better rate. Even better, you could follow with our Aqua Infusion Mask to infuse skin with hydration, plumping all those newly revealed, glowy skin cells on the surface of your skin. Do this a couple of times a week alongside your skincare regime and your results will just keep on improving.

  1. Set Skin Goals

2024 is the year we’ve marked as the one where strategic skincare goes stratospheric because it’s the best way to get amazing, lasting results. But how to get strategic? Well first up set out your skincare goal, what do you want to achieve? Skin so strong it can use retinol 7 nights a week? A plump, youthful complexion? A newfound glow? Set that goal in stone and work closely with your pro to build the baby steps that will get you there. You can read all about how to do it in our blog, Do You Have a 2024 Skincare Strategy?

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