How To Actually Reapply Sunscreen Over Make-up

How To Actually Reapply Sunscreen Over Make-up

Unless you’ve been living under the shade of a rock - where there’s no sun to speak of - you’re probably aware by now that broad-spectrum sunscreen is a year-round must! You’ve also probably heard that to effectively protect the skin against the ageing effects of the sun, your broad-spectrum sunscreen needs to go on about every two hours… Fine when you’re footloose and make free at the beach/pool/park, right? But what about when you’re lunching, shopping, or at a festival with a beautifully crafted face on, including foundation, bronzer, blush and highlighter??

What are you supposed to do… rub it in over your make-up? Remove your make-up every two hours and start all over? Or skip it and think one application a day is OK?

Sadly, none of these are appealing; but we’ve got you, and the answer is probably simpler than you think.

Here we will explore the difference between your initial application, the necessity for a RE-application, and exactly HOW to do a top-up application over your make-up. It all begins with choosing the right sunscreen in the first place.

Find the ONE

No matter what the weather, we always recommend completing your AM skincare routine with the right sunscreen from our collection. Daily sunscreen helps to protect the skin from the damaging UVA and UVB rays that can lead to cell damage, cancer, and premature ageing. Not every sunscreen is built the same, so it’s important to choose broad-spectrum protection, as this means the sunscreen will protect against both types of light: UVA – the one that causes premature ageing, and UVB – the one that causes sunburn. It’s also worth finding a formula that suits your skin type and lifestyle. From our collection of 6 physical sunscreens, each offers a reassuring broad-spectrum SPF of at least 40 and feels lightweight on the skin.

The first application of sunscreen in the morning, as part of your daily skincare, has got to be the easiest – at home with a decent mirror!

This is the first application of the day and should follow after your full skincare routine, including moisturiser. Apply your sunscreen before applying the rest of your makeup (our tinted formulas Moisture Matte and Sheer Hydration (Versatile Tint) can double as foundation). You’ll need to use 0.04 ounces of sunscreen on your face – no need to get out the scales, we’ve already measured and it’s 1/3 of a teaspoon. This amount should cover your face and neck including the area behind the ears and hairline.

Top Tip: You can use two sunscreens in the morning to reach the allocated 1/3 teaspoon application. Try a layer of Clear Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 42 for a protective base, followed by a layer of either of our tinted sunscreens that both work as a lightweight daily foundation. Moisture Matte lightly moisturises plus absorbs excess oil for a matte finish and comes in three shades, while Sheer Hydration Broad Spectrum Versatile Tint SPF 40 has a versatile tint that adapts to most skin tones for a sheer, healthy glow.

Reapplication or top-up?

Reapplication every two hours can be tricky if you’re out and about, but it will improve your overall skin results over time and prevent some of the negative side effects of sunshine, such as premature lines and dry, leathery-feeling skin.

If your sunscreen has been removed or compromised at any point, you’ll have to fully top up with another 1/3 of a teaspoon on your face and neck. You can choose to apply on top of what you have, but if you have the opportunity – cleanse and follow your full skincare routine again. When we say compromised – we mean if you got wet via swimming or a rainstorm, if you went to the gym, for a run, or had any kind of a sweat session – in this case definitely cleanse your skin before reapplication! If you rub your face on a towel this will also wipe off sunscreen, so reapplication it is. In very hot climates we also recommend reapplication every 2 hours. Just keep your chosen sunscreen at hand wherever you go, and your skin will thank you.

A top-up application is suitable when your initial application is still in place but might have been slightly compromised due to heat or touching of the face, you don’t need to reapply as much as the initial application so it can be done over your make-up... here’s how-

Take your Sheer Hydration Broad Spectrum Versatile Tint SPF 40 or Moisture Matte Broad Spectrum SPF 40 and activate the colour on the back of your hand, then pat it into the skin with a clean make-up sponge or brush and add your bronzer or blusher over the top. You’ll get a protection boost and a little complexion refresh. Nice!

Now, if you take care of your skin with a great AM/PM routine, make sunscreen reapplication and top-ups part of your life, too, and you’ll hit those skin goals sooner. Plus, keep in mind that no sunscreen can completely block UV radiation. So do embrace the shade; wear sunglasses and a hat, too. Happy heatwave!

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