Glow Not Gloss – A Clay Mask, But Not As You Know It!

Glow Not Gloss – A Clay Mask, But Not As You Know It!

What’s a self-care ritual without a face mask? Redundant, we think! While we love all types of face masks (hi there Aqua Infusion), is there anything more satisfying than coating skin in a rich clay? Dry skin types, no need to look away; the latest skincare technology means clay masks no longer resemble cement and do not remove every last drop of moisture from the skin. In fact, our new multi-action clay mask effectively improves skin texture by exfoliating and absorbing excess oil, without drying the skin.

Your very own R&R

Our new Refining Clay Mask is made with two different types of beneficial clay – kaolin – a colourful clay that does not contain any artificial dyes, but works to absorb oil, dirt, and toxins. Plus, bentonite – a sponge-like clay that absorbs oil to decrease the appearance of pore size. You’ll also find AHA – lactic acid, which exfoliates dead skin cells and enhances cell turnover to improve skin texture, including tackling fine lines and wrinkles. Not to mention fruity favourites papain and bromelain enzymes from papaya and pineapple, which refine and rebalance the skin. All this goodness leads to smooth, more even skin and a radiant glow without the oil slick. The ADDED benefit of all this at-home action? It can help boost the results of your in-clinic treatments by getting the skin 'clinic ready' and helping you maintain your practitioner's hard work afterwards too.

Why Mask?

Face masks help to boost the look and feel of skin with concentrated formulas that work to target skin issues. Choose the right mask, and you’ll see impressive benefits thanks to innovative formulas using powerful ingredients and powerful ingredients. We always recommend meeting with a skin pro to receive personalised skincare advice, including discovering the right mask for your skin goals. It’s also worth thinking seasonally, for example, in the summer months, skin naturally produces more oil, which can lead to shiny skin, clogged pores, blackheads, and blemishes. Much like using a lighter moisturiser in the warmer months, choosing a mask like Refining Clay Mask can help absorb excess oil and restore skin’s radiance. The ultimate win-win!

When to Mask?

How often you mask depends on your skin’s needs and lifestyle (again, your knowledgeable pro will guide you with this), but in general, we suggest once to three times a week. Whether that’s Saturday night in front of a film, Sunday evening in the bath, or even Monday morning prep for a busy week ahead. Always cleanse skin before applying your mask to ensure the best results.


If you’re one of the many people who find themselves with dry cheeks, alongside breakouts and oil on the forehead, nose, and chin, feel free to patchwork our different masks to different areas, applying them where your skin needs them. Your AlumierMD skincare pro may well recommend Aqua Infusion to deeply hydrate cheeks, while Refining Clay Mask will give the rest of your complexion a thorough cleanse and keep excess oil in check.

For a medical-grade skincare routine that will lead directly to your skin goals, there’s just one step to take – find a pro near you and spend this summer glowy, not glossy.

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