Are You Clinic Ready?

Are You Clinic Ready?

Thinking about an in-clinic treatment? Or already have a booking? Then we have good news for you, you can boost your results! No matter what your treatment is, from microdermabrasion to chemical peels, YOU can improve your skin outcome.

Everything you do in the weeks before and after will have an impact on your treatment, from the skincare you use, to how much sleep you get. We like to think about prepping for a treatment like prepping for a marathon. If you’ve been a coach potato and turn up to run a marathon your outcome will never be as good as if you’ve spent time training and readying your body to perform on the day. Similarly, if your skin is in really good condition on the day of your treatment, your results will be even better! So don’t save all the good skincare for afterward, your treatment isn’t the beginning, today is!

When it comes to your skin pro, they will be thrilled if your skin is at its best on the day of treatment. It means they can potentially go deeper, stronger, and harder meaning they will have more fun and you’ll get both amazing results and the best value too! Plus, if your skin is more resilient and stronger there’s a chance your pro will be able to combine more than one skin treatment at your appointment, so you might be able to have, for example, an enzymatic peel followed by some light-based therapy.

It's the same with your recovery, if you follow really good aftercare, you will have better and quicker results. There’s so much you can do outside of your 1-hour treatment slot to get your skin in prime condition before you even walk through the clinic door. Next week in our Pre/During/Post Treatment Hacks we’ll take you through everything you can do to make the most of your in-clinic treatments. In the meantime, here are our top 5 hacks, so don’t delay and start today!

5 hacks to getting more from your in-salon skin treatment

No 1 Take a look at your wellbeing

If you’re a long-time follower of our blog (hi!) you’ll remember reading about wellness and how important all aspects of a healthy lifestyle are to your skin. It’s time to revisit these principles now, focusing on your gut health as any inflammation here will often show up on the skin as redness, dullness, or breakouts. Then there’s sleep, intrinsic to skin health and recovery, so ensure you get enough in the weeks leading up to your treatment.

No 2 Prep with Medical-Grade Skincare to Get Great Results

Don’t save your precious AlumierMD skincare for after your treatment. Work with your pro to ensure your daily skin routine is working hard for your skin goals and needs. If your skin is in tip-top condition when you walk through the clinic door your treatments will be even more successful.

No 3 Do at-home facials

In the weeks leading up to your treatment spend a bit of extra time on a weekly or bi-weekly at home facial. Ask your pro for a mask recommendation; you can also read about face masks in our Halloween blog post.

No 4 Set your pro a challenge

Arrive at the clinic with such good skin that your pro will need to work extra hard to take it to the next level!

No 5 Follow the aftercare routine set by your pro

Your pro will advise you on what to use when for the first few weeks after your treatment. If you follow it to the letter, you will have better and quicker results, can’t say fairer than that!

Get your treatment booked ASAP and don’t miss our blog next week on exactly how to hack it and ensure you maximise every benefit for wow results.

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